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Smart Alert Warning System

The above product display information regarding valid advisories and warnings for the Solomon Islands. 

Note: If there are no valid advisories/warnings, nothing will appear on the Map. Please refresh (press F5 on keyboard) page for latest update.

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Mobile users can also save SmartAlert on their home screen and use it as an application.

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Solomon Islands Meteorological Services

We provide the Following Essential Services:

  • Daily and extended Weather and Marine forecast for your Safety.
  • Tropical Cyclone, flood and Tsunami Warnings.
  • Climate Data Analysis for Socio-Economic Developments.                    
  • Seasonal (Three Monthly) Forecast on Rainfall and Temperatures.
  • Aeronautical Forecast and Weather Information for Aviation.
  • 24/7 Weather Observations across the country.

Solomon Islands Climate

The Solomon Islands, lying within 12 degrees latitude of the equator and more than 1500km from the nearest continent, has a climate typical of many tropical areas, beingSolomon Islands characterised by high and rather uniform temperature and humidity and, in most areas, abundant rainfall in all months. Rainfall is the least uniform of these climatic elements, as topographical effects cause significant variations between locations. The Islands, because of their low latitude, are less subject to the damaging effects of tropical cyclones than elsewhere in the Southwest Pacific, though cyclones still pose a serious threat each year.



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